Monday, 31 March 2014

Brick Lane Coffee

Brick Lane Coffee

Me and my friend went to a cute little coffee shop in Brick Lane. She done a great blog post about it so click here to read the blog post about it and click here to see her blog. 
She also has a YouTube channel so click here to watch their first video! Make sure you subscribe and all that stuff!


eat shit fuck die. No fucks given

Insta spam chalk board

Me and Minara looking cute obv

Smoothies and bagels 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Alton Towers 2014

Alton Towers!

On Saturday the 22nd me and a group of friends went to Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire! We chose to go there instead of Thorpe Park and Chessington because we've been to those theme parks too many times and we really wanted to go to Alton Towers!

March 22nd was the first day that the theme park opened for 2014 (except for February half term)so it was really busy and we had to wait 2 hours for The Smiler!! BUT The Smiler was one of the best rides there so I'm glad it was the first ride we went on!

A picture with sonic that i also got on polaroid!

Sweets from the sweet shop!

The Smiler!! You have to go on this if you ever go!

The Flume which is a water ride where we all got soaked ):
Air is such an awesome invention! Its like you're flying! One of my faves!

While on the Sky Line because each ride is so far away!

A cool picture at The Smiler shop 

I didn't really take too many pictures because my phone was mostly in my bag and most of the time goes on queuing and  who wants to see pictures of that? The best rides were Oblivion, The Smiler and Air!! Overall a great experience and i would love to go again!!!!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Columbia Flower Market London

Sunday Flower Market

I've lived in London all my life and I'll admit that i haven't been to most of the iconic places here (because i'm lazy) but i did decide to go to the famous flower market and took some pictures so i can share my experience.
Check out their website here

Cute little shops that i didn't go in because it was very busy

The usual great buskers on street corners!

Some flowers......At a flower market....
I bought three of these!
They smell really nice (and the price!!!!)

^ Some prawns in breadcrumbs that i got from one of the shops at the side! They had really cute, quick and convenient independent shops that sell coffee, sandwiches and other snacks! I wish i could have took some more pictures but it was really busy and people were always moving! And unless you have a DSLR or a big camera then you're not considered a photographer so i was the only one taking pictures with my iPhone!

Overall the market was very very busy! Probably because its only open for a few hours on Sunday so you have to rush past the markets! Its so cheap and there's such a wide variety so if you're ever looking for any type of flowers then you know where to go!

Saturday, 15 March 2014



I don't know if you're familiar with YouTubers that go by the name of Marcus Butler and Joe Sugg. I'll tell you what i know about NCS, it's like The Challenge which is like a summer camp that you sign up for and you do different challenges and go on different adventures with strangers in order to build your confidence and skills. You also meet new people who have similar interests and you live with them on a university campus etc. Click here to get on to the NCS page and find out more about them!

How comes I got tickets to the gig?

I didn't take part in either NCS or The Challenge but Marcus posted a video about it on how to enter for tickets (just email NCS saying why you want tickets). Marcus and Joe were going to present the event so that's how i got tickets.

The day of the event!

Here's some pictures...
It was at Brixton Academy 
Me and habzstagram who i chose as my plus one

Joel Compass performing 'Run'

Nina Nesbitt performing 'Selfie'
Someone elses picture!


It was really really good. They showed presentations about NCS and what they do. We saw performances from Neon Jungle, Nina Nesbitt, Olivia Sebastienelli etc and it was standing tickets which gave the overall gig feel like a real concert! Check out the NCS website to see a live recording of the gig!