Thursday, 29 May 2014

Starbucks Happy Hour

Half price frappes!
If you don't have a picture of your Starbucks, did you really have Starbucks?

I thought I'd take advantage of the 10 days of half priced frappes that Starbucks were doing! That means you get a large cup for £1.85 when its usually £3.70!!!

 I wasn't planning on doing a post on this but might as well since i have some pictures! I don't like coffee so i never get the mocha ones (basically i ask for cream instead of coffee). My favourite is the strawberries and cream one because it tastes like a crazy calorie milkshake.

The chocolate cream one tastes like really cold chocolate ice cream and i also had a vanilla spice one(the all white one)which was nice but i always get brave and get  a venti (large) that i can never finish and this one made me feel a bit sick :/

Favorite song at the moment & i also really like the video!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cinema Trip

May contain traces of nuts.

Some illegal pictures and 20 second spoiler that i took in the cinema. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was actually Amazing, no pun intended!! It was very impressive and I'm glad i went with the kids, it had great CGI (i know what this is from media studies) and gr8 solid 3D action with an emotional plot.

Gwen Stacey, maybe sleeping maybe not
Amazing Spider-Man in action, doing spider-man things that we can't do 

A picture of all our feet, cute or nah?????


Another amazing thing was the soundtrack used in the movie!!!!
I had to Shazam them while i was at the cinema, I'll post a video of my fave one! If you haven't watched it yet then i really recommend it!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Life x Summer x Good Vibes

Good Vibes ~
A post containing future events and stuff from my common life, read at your own risk. 

I've just realized that I haven't made a blog post about who i am/what i do and why i made a blog. You think this is going to be that post?
 Unfortunately not today, I think it’s a bit too late for one of those and you probably don’t care that much anyway and I wouldn't know what else to tell you except for my name and age. My name is Farheen and I’m 17 by the way.
 Okay thanks for that great introduction Farheen, so what is this post really about? Basically, I wanted to blog about the future (not like career wise) and plans I have for the summer and all that stuff. I know that you don’t care about this either but I want to do this for me and for people that are interested. 

I have an exam in 4 days and i know i should be revising and spending my time efficiently but my day ends at 9pm and let me just tell you, it was 9pm a long time ago. I know this will sound weird but I'm actually looking forward to sitting my exams?? Not because i know everything or because I'm certain I'm going to get a A*s but just because its like an exciting kind of stress and feelings of awe, idk idk but i guess you can say, I'm counting down the days until exams! I'm also looking forward to results day to get results for exams that i haven't even sat yet!. And if i do really bad then i won't regret the feelings of awe that I'm experiencing right now because it'll be too late by then and no regrets, right??

Every year everyone waits for summer because it means no more exams and no more homework and no more 9am starts. I have a lot of things planned for this summer! Firstly, at the end of summer i'm going on holiday to Turkey with one of my good friends for a week!! As you can guess I'm very very excited for that because it includes shopping & travelling & a week of fun! Secondly, I'm going to turn 18!! If I'm honest I'm more thrilled about putting '18' in my bio because no one cares if you're 17. I'm the youngest in the year so I'm always the last one ): . Other things I'm pumped about is touring London with Minara and Sauwei, going to Thorpe park for the 22989840384th time, taking loadssssss of pictures on my Polaroid and sticking up all the pictures all over my room, filling my journal with receipts and wish lists &&&&& maybe vlogging!!

That's all for now, i actually had a lot more to write but I'm sure you're glad it's finally over. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm in a very happy place right now (moist i know) and i wanted to thank everyone for the views & support for this random blog! If anyone wants to request any posts then feel free to comment!
Good luck to everyone that has exams ~ 'Stop wishing, start doing'. I never ever ever read over my writing because i cringe at everything i always write so i won't be reading over this and if there are any spelling mistakes or sentence errors then I don't care, nobody's perfect. Thanks for reading :-)

Song that I'm really loving right now 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Picnic in the Park

Picnic at Thames Barrier Park

No pictures of food though, sorry. xxx

Recently me and my friends went to have a surprise picnic at the park for a friends birthday. It was a pleasurable day out and the sun was on our side for once!! Here are some snaps from the day, enjoy!