Thursday, 26 June 2014

Catch Up With iFarheen

Where have you been m8?

Lets just pretend that someone asked me this anonymously with high importance on, which is an ask and answer site that i don't even have

The last 3 weeks in pictures with a pop quiz at the end
Shopping which i h8 
College leavers party
IKEA food
Visits to the funfair several times in a week 

Cinema tickets for The Fault In Our Stars which was amazing!

Me & Sauwei waiting very patiently for the train

Car shopping with my dad, i wish we left with this car :(
A chicken salad from Anima D'Italia

Sitting exams, can you see me??
Bubble tea for the first and last time, cucumber and passion fruit i think

Photo boothing @ Rough Trade with my best friends x x x (i hope they see this)

Desert @ Urban Choclatier

I was joking about the pop quiz! I also went to The Warner Bros Studios but i'll do a separate blog post on that because i have loads of pictures for that.

Fave song at the moment! 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Canary Wharf Fashion Event 2014

 Fashion Event
pretty models wearing pretty clothes and stuff

First stop ... Rituals
You can check out their website here
they do products from tea to shower gels. They have unique scents that are inspired by nature and all that good stuff. I actually got a hand massage from there and a small 50ml foaming shower gel called 'T'ai Chi' (white lotus and green tea).

A table of  stuff like you would find in any shop

Hand scrubs that smelt amazing!

Next... Schuh Footobooth
Took a few photos here although you can't really get that creative because as you can see, its not your average photobooth :-( 

A very shaky video i took of the fashion show! (Spot Danielle Peazer if you can)