Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sex Tape & Lucy

Farheens Trip To The Cinema

2 for the price of 1 because we sneaked in to another screening, sorry Cineworld. This post is not a movie review, it's more like 'I went to the cinema wand watched these and i want you to know'.

Sex Tape

What a crap movie, no wonder it has a 1 star rating. It had so much potential with the name and concept of the movie but it wan't either funny or sexy. I'll leave the trailer here and believe me, if you watch the trailer, you've basically watched the movie. I don't really want to say anymore about it because it was actually an embarrassing film.


Lucy was an awesome movie, it was actually a pleasurable action movie. Finally a sci-fi thriller that was on point! I really recommend this film, some animal points in the movie seem weird but it all adds up in the end. And the drugs that they use in the movie looks like crystal meth from Breaking Bad. A very good movie. The ending was a bit too quick though, i wanted to know where she was :(

That's all - my favorite song at the moment 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Turkey, Antalya 2014

Holiday to Turkey
I'm feeling very very depressed because I'm here typing this at home when i could be by the pool eating ice cream ):

Picture heavy because it suits the both of us

As you can imagine, i have hundreds of pictures, from selfies to the food and activities we done but understand that I'm not going to post all my photos on the internet.  So obviously these pictures are nothing compared to what went on in Turkey but you're going to have to use your imagination. Quad biking, jeep safari, turkish bath and that's just the least. Just know that i had a great time with my friend Saima and it was the best holiday ever. Enjoy the pictures! 

The mandatory passport picture for instagram

Me & my friend Saima ready to board the plane!
The pool with a massive slide in our hotel 

Night in at the hotel for dinner

Turkish bread 

Fruit and lots of it!

Fruit smoothies in the original fruit, very summery indeed
Water Planet Turkey Antalya was awesomeeeee
Foam party at the hotel 


Blurry photo but i like it 

Muska boregi... cheese rolls to you and me 


OOTD picture for the beach

Ice cream every hour of the day 

Turkish night buffet, baklava


Water fight taken too far 

Gifts for a friend
A song that reminds me of Turkey
Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed the pictures.